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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Year End 2016

Well, it has been almost a year since I posted here.....shame on me!  Life has gotten away from me this year, but then again, maybe that is every year!  I'm not complaining because my felting work has flourished.  Knitting and crocheting have taken a back seat, but not entirely.  A collection of Holey Cowls, based on inspiration from Jane Thornley, has emerged with many colorful designs that are terrific stash-busters!  They can be worn as capelets, cowls, or hoods.  Some examples below:

I've resurrected Bernadetta scarves that propelled me on this fibertastic journey many years ago. There is a story about the name on my website.  They were wildly popular at the time and then not so much.  I recently started to make them again, and they are selling!

And I have also been making Upcycle Scarves that were very popular several years ago.  They too have recently sold very well.

But the "Pièces de Résistance" for me has been nuno felting that I am liking more and more!  It is not for the faint of heart!  But the results are just amazing!  Here is an album of my 2016 nuno felts.  I have one more that I'd like to make before the end of the year.  A few special ones:


I've been so fortunate to be ale to study felting this year with one very accomplished felter, Susan Garry.  She had me to her studio in Lowell, MA for a private lesson.  And this is the tunic I produced:

And my favorite news of the year is that I have been awarded a grant from the Arts Council of Wilmington to study with Jean Gauger, renowned felter, who incidentally was the very first person who taught me to nuno felt many years ago.  Since then she has become very much in demand around the world.  So I will travel to Stuart, FL to take a two-day workshop with her.  She recently told me that I was her first private we have both come a long way since them - may 12 years ago.

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