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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Prolific Weekend!

This is Valentine's Weekend!  Nothing special planned, but had a very sad funeral to attend, and then proceeded to make felt.  And make more felt!

I've been looking for a workshop that I could reasonably attend sometime this year.  So far, I haven't found any that seem feasible - without spending megabucks and traveling very far.  I found a beautiful something new on a FB group for felting workshops, only this was an e-book offered by Merina Lanari on Etsy.  Using materials I had at home (cheesecloth, kitchen string, and of course, merino and silk fibers from my stash), I followed the directions - way mostly!  I seem to never follow patterns or instructions, preferring to use the inspiration and go my own way.  I think it worked!  And it is a technique I can apply to other types of nuno felting.  So I am happy!  It's very textural and dimensional.  I'm not into dyeing (yet!) so at this point, I'll be making these in natural colors (white and ecru).

Then....I decided to make some pin cushions, using supplies in my stash or given to me by other artists.  All four are made differently from one another and turned out to be different sizes and consistency.  But they are all fun, functional, and cute little gifts.

And then I decided to make a black, gray, and white nuno felted scarf including an experiment with cotton threads as a surface design element.  VERY effective, as it just pops on the black and gray wool.  The other side has a number of different silk fabrics in the color theme.  Happy with all these results....but not a little tired!



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