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Thursday, January 21, 2016


This morning I received a lovely message from someone who must have inadvertently stumbled upon my last post - NOVEMBER of 2014.  So perhaps it is time to resurrect this blog and at least bring you up to date with my happenings.  And there have been numerous happenings in my life!
It's so interesting to me that my last post was about the disarray of my supplies for all my creative endeavors.  Because in May of 2015 we put our house on the market, intending to downsize - for numerous reasons.  In July we purchased a condo (1000+ less square footage than our house!), and in September we moved.  We had as one of our goals to still have a studio space for me, and surprisingly, the new space is actually more convenient, more compact, and more amenable to felting, knitting, crocheting, sewing, and more in a lot less space.  I am actually quite pleased with this new set-up.

Our condo is in a wonderful location, close to shopping, cinema, restaurants, groceries....just about everything, and 15 minutes closer to my gallery.  My galley kitchen provides a perfect space for felting on a very long counter with upper ledge to keep materials dry, but an adjacent sink for the wet work.  Only drawback that I can see is not being able to engage in  very large projects.  If and when I want to do those, I will go to a friend's studio.

We had a beautiful storage unit with counter built in what is also my study and sitting room (also with pull-out couch/bed) and affixed a counter in the very large closet for my sewing machine and lots of other supplies.  It is all so much more efficient than what I had in my house.  And the kitchen has more cabinet space, so my most used felting supplies are right there.  Only the fiber and fabrics are in my studio/den which is only a few feet away.  All in all, this move has had a  a positive impact on my art work.

I have been focusing on nuno felt wraps or scarves that can also be used as wall hangings and table runners.  I have one hanging on my wall in the living room; when I want to use it as a table runner or wear it, I simply pluck it off the wall.  It is equally functional as wearable or decorative art.  In addition, my newest work includes felted journals, felted soaps, and an attempt to use up yarn stash by knitting and crocheting Cozy Cowls, Holey Cowls, and other neckwear.

So....I'm back!  Moved and settled in and able to create better than before.  Condo living also makes for less indoor and outdoor work, so my time is freed up more.  We are happy!

As always, you can see examples of my work on Flickr, FB, the Scarf It Up website, and the Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts website.

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