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Sunday, November 08, 2015


No kidding!  I feel like a new woman, but one with so many ideas now and no time to pursue them.  THAT frustrates  me enormously!

I attended the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild show at the Raleigh Convention Center yesterday.  What a beautiful show!  Now filled with inspiration and new ideas, I am experimenting with a small felt today, but I also want to finish my Jane Thornley knit creation so I can wear it to work tomorrow at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts.  And it's Sunday, so my usual chores remain (changing sheets, all the wash, and making a trail down the middle of my place - at least.

I have wondered recently why I have no ambition to entertain, and now I understand why.  I had thought it was due to the upheaval (literally and figuratively) of moving, but now we are mostly settled, so it's time to devote to me and my craft.  Tough decision!  Need to nurture friendships and maybe develop some new (that's a completely different story!) in our new environment.  I would much rather just make my felts and keep on knitting.  I wonder what that all says about me and my priorities.

Here is the Jane Thornley design in stages of progress:

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