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Thursday, November 05, 2015


March 4 was the last time I published anything on this blog!  That hardly seems possible, but then a few things have intervened:

  • Prepared to downsize and sell a house
  • Bought a condo but hadn't sold the house yet (June) - never a great idea!
  • Prepared the condo (painting, electrical work, custom unit for living room, custom studio design for me!, sliding screen door, reupholstering some furniture, etc.)
  • FINALLY sold the house (September!) and moved
  • Granddaughter's wedding in SC (August)
  • Trip to MA, CT, PA (August)
  • Visits from family from France (October)
  • The passing of a dear friend and neighbor (October)
That's enough to recall for now.  Meanwhile I'm still trying to get settled in the condo - downsized from almost 2900 to 1800+ square feet and manage to create some new work in felt, knot, and crochet.  My sales have been good for the past couple of months, so that is inspiring me to get going. I've found space in the new place to do always it's a question of blocks of time to do it.  And it still involves using my kitchen counter once again, and in this galley kitchen, that means working around meal prep times and having it cleaned up nice and tidy!

I'm going to try to update this blog more frequently going forward - TRY!!!  I very recently documented my nuno felting process, and will post that in the next couple of days.  Many people have asked me how it's done, so rather than talk about it, I have photographed it.  That plus the resulting explanations will follow very soon.  Above is a taste of the resulting work.


RobynFrance said...

Yay Louise--you accomplish so much it is staggering--and all your felting work is so gorgeous--one of these days very soon, I hope to purchase of of those wraps--I love them--just have to be sure that they don't have wool in them as I have become highly allergic to it for quite a long time now.

So glad you like your new home and that you have your studio to enjoy there as well. Much love.

Louise Giordano said...

And the piece is SOLD via FB to a MHS friend from Chicago!

john Brent said...

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