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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Every Design is Different!

There are MANY faces to a Wrapsody!

That happens when you don't use patterns and attempt to either create a similar piece to one you love  or decide to deviate from the original.  That's happened to me just now as I attempted to recreate a brown and black Wrapsody that was mine for over a year, worn many times, and placed at my gallery with a sign that clearly said "NOT FOR SALE!  Custom orders only!"

I brought it to Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts as a sample piece, since I had sold the last of the Wrapsodies and wanted an example there.  Because they take such a long time to make (and sell due to their high price point for this area), I felt I only wanted to make them to order.  No one else would have sold it but me.  I happened to be working there one day (each artist only works three days a  month!), when a woman came in, fell in love with it, asked to buy it, then asked me to make one in a few days, which I refused.  She really twisted my arm, and finally I relented.  She was happy; I determined to make myself another, but the holidays and FOUR shows intervened.

Finally, I got round to making it last week.  I added the new feature, a peplum around the waist.  I'm not sure I love it on me, but barring time and inclination to try again right now, its's mine!

What do you think?

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