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Wednesday, January 01, 2014



And it started off real well for me and my business!  

Months ago I sold my last Wrapsody, one that was my own that I never intended to sell.  I had it at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts as a sample, clearly marked "NOT FOR SALE!  Custom Order Only!"  I happened to be working one day when a woman came in and loved it so much she wanted it NOW!  So….I reluctantly sold it, knowing I could make a similar one for myself once again (this will be my third one!)

So I set out to make another in browns and blacks for me, but a bag of blacks and dark greys jumped out at me from my stash, and I started using those colors instead.  I make these rarely now, because they take an inordinate amount of time, HUGE quantities of yarns, and have a high price point.  They sell, but slowly.  

Just finished, I decided to wear it last night to a New Year's party at a neighbor's house.  A young woman kept staring at me.  She turned out to be the hosts' daughter.  We finally got around to meeting and greeting and she asked about the vest.  When I told her I made it - and sell them - she wanted her husband to see it. I had her try it on in the variety of ways it can be worn, and she fell in love.  Long story short…'s SOLD!  I needed to wear it home (next door) because I had no coat, so it's still here, and I'm quite sure she'll contact me shortly to retrieve it.  It will be my first sale of 2014, and that's a GOOD START!

Wishing all my friends, family, followers, and fans a very bright, happy, and healthy New Year!


Chrissie Marshall said...

Fantastic off to a get start for 2014 :) Looks fabulous. Happy New Year xx

Jessica Buurman said...

nice collection!!

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