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Saturday, August 10, 2013

The "Old" and the New! To Show or Not to Show!

In anticipation of doing a show I've never done before in November and then probably doing my annual home show in December, I'm revisiting a number of older pieces to determine their current salability in either of those venues or at my local gallery, Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts.

The November show is very popular one in these parts, Art for the Masses.  Now that it has a permanent venue at UNC-W (Wilmington), with large space, good lighting, heating, air conditioning, food, and restrooms (previously it was in a different poorly-chosen venue every year, and you never knew until last minute where exactly it would be held).  So my arm has been twisted to give this show a try.  REMEMBER: I don't do shows!  But this one is November 23.

The new venues at UNC-W (yes, there are two LARGE ballroom/convention spaces in two adjacent buildings) lend themselves to great turnout, free and plentiful parking, excellent marketing and advertising, and the best's only one day!  With a little help from a fellow fiber artist, Rebecca Yeomans of Yeowear! who makes incredibly unique knitted necklaces and earrings, we will manage to get both spaces loaded, installed, and then the reverse.

And if there is enough left over, I will still hold my early December home show with its unbeatable "bargain room!"
So with all that in mind, it has given me the boost I needed to create, create, create!  Art for the Masses restricts items to $250 or less.  Not the least problem for me!  My wearable fiber art is
mostly under $100, with most pieces in the $40 range.  I'm thinking smaller, even less pricey items for this show, so I'm working on knitted and/or crocheted necklaces
with vintage/recycled adornments and cuffs with vintage buttons and funky embellishments.  And then, of course, there are brooches, some felted, some crocheted, that can be clipped or pinned in the hair, on a lapel, neckline, cuff, bag, and more!

To be continued......!

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