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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Recycle Recycle!

I LOVE recycling (aka upcycling, repurposing, reusing, etc.)!  In fact, I am addicted to it!  My clothes and shoes almost always come from consignment, thrift stores, and sale racks.  I accept recycled yarn, jewelry, t-shirts, buttons, and I love to remake them, using these materials in new and unique ways.

My latest nuno felt brooch is a great example of "Recycle Recycle!"  It's actually the second of several that will come from this scarf.

The scarf is a silky confection found at one of my favorite shops in Wilmington, called "Bargain Box." It's a thrift store that serves the community through its ministries and donations.  I often bring my discards there, but I cannot help but go in to see what treasures I can find.  There is a vintage room as well as a room devoted to upscale vintage and "costumes" from the local film industries.  Cast-offs from the various TV series and films can be found there.  Many designers, photographers, and stylists shop there to stage sets and settings.  I just find it fun!

I found this scarf - one of many I find there - in a neatly arranged box of silk and synthetic scarves.  I look for long oblong ones to design and develop my line of "Felt-Tipped Scarves!"  As the name implies, I nuno felt the ends of these scarves with wool, silk, yarn, and other embellishments.  This one is not for everyone, a very bright, multi-colored array of mostly primary colors.  It hadn't sold, so I brought it home only to discover a hole in it.  NOT to be undone by that!

But what to do with this lovely confection?  I cut off the ends with the felting and created brooches for use in hair, on a lapel, a bag, a neckline, a belt.....and more!  Here's the first one called, "Recycle, Recycle!"

And today I made a second one, called "Fireworks!"

And the exciting thing about this multiple reuse of one piece of work is that I still have the remainder of the scarf to work with.  It probably still has at least 2 feet of material to work with, meaning I can felt the entire thing.  I need to think about doing something totally different with this remaining material.  

Any ideas for me?

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