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Sunday, May 05, 2013


A first freeform crochet flower brooch - others not yet photographed.

I thought I was onto something, thanks to a creative friend who sparked my imagination about felted flower napkin rings (see previous post), but that has had to change.  A whole day and a half was to be devoted to this idea.  


What happened has absolutely nothing to do with my creative endeavors, but a lot to do with the  normal aging process (that SUCKS!) and the other side of my life (tennis and other more recent physical activities).  No point describing the entire episode - literally and figuratively too painful! 


And ended up in the ER (by ambulance!) and a whole new life! After a week of CT, x-Ray, MRI, and follow-up appointments (still on Prednisone), here's the deal:
  • NO tennis (for a long time!)
  • NO P.T.
  • NO exercise - other than walking! must adjust!  We're at the tail end of the tennis league season, and my team is in 2nd place for the first time EVER!  I'll miss the activity, the time, and the camaraderie with a group of lovely and FUN women.  I've been playing tennis 4 - 5 times a week for the past several years - and LOVING it!

But not to belabor my woes (yes, I could be worse!),  I need a new plan!  I have residual numbness and weakness in the affected leg.  The weakness is improving, and the healing has begun.  Avoiding any thoughts of surgery, I will be a good girl and plan some other projects that have been on the back burner for a long time (like really going through drawers and cupboards, my desk and files, etc.)  I CAN DRIVE!  I can now do stairs without pulling myself up and holding on - if a little awkwardly, so my studio is accessible!

I hesitate to try any wet/hand felting at the moment, but here are some of my creative ideas going forward during the tennis drought.
  • I had ordered a Kumihimo kit several weeks ago - haven't yet looked at it!
  • I have a Tunisian Crochet online class that I haven't gotten very far in!  Thanks, Craftsy!
  • I have an online mini-class on short rows. Thanks again, Craftsy!
  • I've been wanting to try some ideas on 3-dimensional freeform crochet for brooches/pin/headbands/hairclips. Thanks, Pinterest!

I'm really looking for smallish projects in fiber and/or mixed media that don't require LONG hours of sitting or standing.  Please send any such thoughts to FB or Pinterest, where I have a board called "Inspire me!"  
Much appreciated!

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