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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Coming to Terms! And Happy Mother's Day!

Two weeks of laying low, going slow, and missing the glow.....I decided to come to terms with my (limited) limitations and pick up my life!  So....I went to work at my gallery on Friday, had an excellent day selling, rearranging displays, incorporating new work, interacting with customers, and feeling a new kind of peace settle over me.  An evening social gathering with friends and new acquaintances was exactly what I needed.  There IS life without tennis!

Sounds so trivial, I know!  I've worked hard to improve my tennis, help my team to a second place spot in the league standings, and I've so enjoyed the camaraderie of friends and teammates.  And I have to believe that I'll get back to it after a time (unknown at this time!)  In the meantime, other priorities will take its place and those priorities would have taken my tennis time away anyway.

We'll be away for possibly several weeks starting in early June while our youngest daughter has  cochlear implant surgery, healing time, and then ACTIVATION, and hopefully a whole new life.  I wouldn't miss that for the world.  To be able to travel to New England safely and painlessly to witness a miracle (that I've held hope for for the last 40 years!) will mean everything to me!  To be able to help her with her recovery, driving, appointments, her animals, her house, etc. is far more important than ANYTHING else in my life.  And then, of course, there'll be lots of time for knitting (and even visiting my favorite yarn shops in person!)


In my down time during the last two weeks, I've worked on some new designs.  Besides lariats and brooches (see flickr), I've worked on this crochet pattern.  It's taken me DAYS of crocheting time, the result being a (too) long scarf that takes far too long to complete.  And it's too heavy too!  I even eliminated one side row/side of fleurettes (too much time and yarn!)  I'll try again with a MUCH shorter version and perhaps a mesh triangle with the fleurette trim.  So much fun to play with crochet!

In addition, I finished the scarf pictured above on Mother's Day!  It's nostalgic and sad, because I finished the scarf using some of my mother's crochet cotton for which she had been making a bedspread over many years and never finished it.  I used it for those fleurettes and only just now realized the significance of it.  My mother passed away many years ago (1987), so you can just imagine how old this vintage cotton is.  Love it and miss you, Mom!  I hope this and my other artistic endeavors make you proud!

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