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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How About Napkin Rings WITH Flowers?

A few months ago (maybe a year!) I made some really cute knitted and felted bangle bracelets and napkin rings!


Several of the bracelets sold, but neither of the napkin ring sets did.  So now I've gotten an idea from one of my most creative friends, metalsmith Arlene Weinrich.  She had seen (and neglected to purchase) some felted napkin rings with HUGE felted flowers attached to them at an ACC show.  When I told her I had some that I could experiment with, she was excited.  And so was I!

So....thinking of my recently created wet-felted brooches, I thought "What FUN!" to make new flower brooches and affix them to the napkin rings.  Arlene will be able to select her flower and napkin ring choices before putting them together.


And the ones she doesn't select will be available at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts.  
The Bangles are still available there now.

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