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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Ladies Nite Out At Porters Neck Country Club


The long-awaited evening of fun, food, and entertainment, and sales is upon us.  I've been break-neck knitting, crocheting, and felting for the last 6 weeks in an effort to produce some fresh material for some very loyal friends and fans here in Porters Neck.  And just about everything I've made has been held back just for tonight's show/sale.

I've struggled - as always - with displays, and have settled on using a new/old display piece - a divider screen that I've had in my bonus room for years and never used for this purpose.  When folded back into a triangle, it provides a stand-alone, walk-around, three-sided display unit onto which I am hanging mostly hangers filled with my styles.  There are lots of spaces where the hangers as well as individual pieces can hang.  Hopefully the WHOLE of it is not one large mass of colorful "roadkill!"

I took some photos of these displays in my guest room where I planned the set-up.  With a little luck, someone will take photos tonight, and I can post them later.

I've prepared a presentation using a slide show and audience members who have been asked to wear something of mine - if they have a previously-purchased item.  They'll be rewarded with a coupon that they can use tonight, or at my open house on Dec 1, or at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts (on one item from MY work only!) through the end of the year.  That will hopefully entice people to got there with the added benefit of shopping for gifts from amongst the work of 20 local Wilmington-area artists.

Here are the at-home photos:

Hope to post the event photos and the slide show tomorrow!  And a report on how it went!

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