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Friday, November 09, 2012

Ladies Nite Out - The After Story!

WHAT FUN!!!!!  I'd say it was a success!  My fears (too little time to set up; the display would look weird; the slide show wouldn't work; I'd be a dull presenter; etc.) all were unfounded!  I had a blast, and I hope the attendees did too!


  • Having an opportunity to actually demonstrate a whole bunch of my styles to a sizable number of people at once.  There were 42 ladies in the room, plus lots of staff members.
  • Bringing my work to a somewhat captive audience.
  • Speaking to a group of friends and fans - especially when I thought it would be more stressful than presenting to a group of strangers.
  • Having a successful show!
I disliked:
  • My final display - but that's not unusual.  I always struggle with displaying my work in a creative, artistic, and attractive way.  It all goes back to the "Roadkill" remark from my DH MANY years ago!  And it often just looks like colorful roadkill!
  • Schlepping my work, displays, clothes, hangers, bags, and more to a venue outside of my home. 
  • Loading up the car again to bring all the remains home.  Unloading the car, bringing it into the house, and storing it somewhere.  Deciding what goes back to my gallery, what to hold back for the next show, etc.
That's it!  It was great!  I'd love to do it again.  I think many will come to the Open House Home Show on Dec 1.  Hope so anyway!

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