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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Looks like I'm no longer bored! YAY!!!

Well, I can't say I've been struck with some creatively spirited motivation, but it appears that I have managed to produce some work this week, in a way that I haven't been able to for (too) many weeks!  I have been undergoing a therapeutic process (that I'm not ready to talk about yet - or maybe ever!), but it has made changes in how my frame of mind influences my creativity (among many other things!)  I am very happy to report that I feel less stuck, and that has translated into these items just in the last three days!  One knitted and felted purse and THREE felt-tipped scarves!

Don't these two look like they go together?

I search for chiffon silk long rectangular scarves at my favorite thrift shops or in my favorite friends' closets/drawers for their cast-off.  Often they are gorgeous Ellen Tracy (like the first one shown here) or Anne Klein (like the second one) scarves, and many have been in my own cache of wearables (mine or my parents') for 30 - 40 years!  VINTAGE!!!  Or I take cuttings from them to make felted brooches.  So I don't dye my own scarves, but rather repurpose ones from the past.  Such fun to see what happens in the felting process.


And last week I completed a project that I've been wanting to make for myself: a Schroodle in blacks!  Et VOILA!  Not the best photo, but it gives the flavor of the piece.

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