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Friday, August 24, 2012

I Guess I'm Bored!

I can't seem to completely remove myself from my creative slump (other kinds too!)  It's been a difficult month in many ways, and normally, I would throw myself into my creative side to help break that spell.  So far, no dice!

I haven't been totally idle, but I can't say I'm thrilled with the prospect of designing new work right now.  I did recently complete a freeform lace shawl with short rows and freeform crocheted edging,  variations on Jane Thornley and Mardi Alamudeen patterns.  And I did create two new styles of brooches for hair, lapel, bag, or wherever, and I'm experimenting with a fabric/fiber necklace, but nothing has REALLY sparked my interest.

I'm almost done with a knitted and felted bag - perfect for the holidays or anywhere one needs a little black bag.  This kind of felting that used to be so easy, fun, and almost foolproof in my washing machine is no longer.  It took TWO full cycles of the new one (water isn't hot enough; agitation isn't strong or long enough!) and then had to finish it in my Wonder Washer (counter-top washing machine!)  Not so much fun!  

So back to Pinterest for some inspiration, I hope, and some new inspiration from this!

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