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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another Spell of Creative Inactivity!

I guess I should be used to these by now.  But it always takes me by surprise when I feel "stuck."  I think this most recent creative dearth was prompted by the realization that I have too much "stuff!"  I go through periods when I can't STOP making things, and consequently, I have a lot of "stuff!"  I am not at all displeased with my sales, but really, I'd have to sell five things a day to deplete my inventory.  So it just makes sense to slow down.

Slowing down is difficult for me, because once I slow down and push my mind into other things, I have a hard time getting back to my fiber art.  Why is this so?  It seems to be all or nothing for me.  Do others share this phenomenon?

If I were to make all the designs in my head at any given time, I'd never sleep.  So sometimes it behooves me to take a break and try not to stress about it.  But obviously I AM stressing about it.  Pinterest can become a problem.  On the one hand it can be a powerful source of inspiration for me; on the other hand, it overwhelms me with ideas.  Which idea to try next?  That kind of indecision leads me to immobility.  (I'm not a good decision-maker in any aspect!) So here I sit!

Lots of people have offered suggestions for overcoming creative block.  And I've written about it before - several times.  The best thing, I've discovered - for me at least - is to just ignore it, move on to other things in my life, and realize that it WILL pass.  Patience is not a huge part of my modus operandi, so this is sometimes quite frustrating.

I DO have a new idea for felting, but I need a whole day to devote to it - and that is not going to be possible for a week or so.....I think I'll read my books!

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