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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A New Customer Breaks My Spell!

This is a GOOD thing!  I'm always amazed when someone new finds me on Facebook, flickr, or this blog!  Often, they don't remember HOW they came upon my various websites, but no matter.  I have been stuck in stall for about 6 weeks now and getting a bit nervous that the creative spirit would not return.  My sales have been sluggish this month after several months running of strong sales, so I've not been inclined to increase my inventory.  New ideas have not been forthcoming, and family issues have garnered my attention.

BUT......I noticed a comment on my Scarf It Up FB page and responded.  A few more interactions, and this person sent me her phone number, wanting more info about my upcycle flower brooches.  I called her, and her story is awesome!  I am currently making some for her in a variety of colors.  In the process, I have discovered a more effective way to make them to produce a fluffy, fuller flower.  So that is all good!

These are three of the latest, the teal and wine ones are created using this new method.


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