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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

KCBWDAY3 - Jane Thornley, One of My Knitting Heroes!

I've written about Jane Thornley before!  In fact, we've written about each other.  Here is an excerpt from the first of two blog postings I wrote about her this past January:

"Do you ever wonder how/where/when you’ve met someone?  After a while those recollections fade (and really don’t matter!), but when I asked my guest blogger to recall, she had the same response.  We just don’t remember how we “met!”  However, I can say that Jane Thornley has been my inspiration, my muse, my fierce Scrabble (on FB) competitor, and my “kindred spirit” for a number of years.

I am honored and humbled by her coining the term “Kindred Spirits” about our work.  We do think we discovered one another (not sure who!) on Ravelry where she manages several knitting groups.  Amazingly, our work is quite similar in its love of nature and natural materials, use of color and texture, and combining fibers and stitches to produce wearable knitwear.  She is far more skilled, inventive and innovative, published, adventurous, and recognized than I, but surprisingly, we share many of the same attributes.  I can always find her up EARLY to play several of our on-going Scrabble games! ;-o)" 

The second part of the interview with Jane is here.  And now I should add novelist, travel writer, knitalong developer, retreat and workshop planner and expediter, jewelry designer, AND most recently, buyer of MY work - to her auspicious list of talents!  Well, actually we traded!  She "bought" one of my Upcycle Scarves and then sent me this most delightful package of goodies from her stash!

Wild Thing Upcycle Scarf
A lovely trade, I would say!
Goodies from Jane!
I believe this is the design by Jane that I first saw that so reminded me of my own line of Bernadetta scarves.  Hers is a free pattern, so you are most welcome to read it and try your hand at it.  I had already been producing my own Bernadettas for several years, so it was astounding to me that someone else in the world thought about color and texture in ways so similar to my own.  These first two photos are Jane's Free range scarves; the last photo is one of mine! 

And this is one of mine: 
 More of mine can be seen here.



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