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Thursday, April 26, 2012

3KCBWDAY4 - A Knitter/Crocheter for All Seasons!

THAT'S ME!  It helps to be such a knitter when you sell your work!  Your product has to offer something for everyone.  So I am constantly developing new ideas, new designs, new styles of old designs.....and on and on and on!  The creative process never stops and doesn't depend on weather or season.  To some degree it does depend on color predictions for upcoming season, so I always check with Pantone and check the design blogs to know what's 'in!"  But basically, I knit what I like AND what I think my client base will most appreciate.  And I always keep in mind that accessory selection, in terms of color and design,  is very personal, so it behooves any designer of women's handcrafted accessories to include a variety of choices.

 My customers are from all over the world!  My local gallery, Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts, is in a wonderful location in beautiful downtown Wilmington NC, in an historic building (The Cotton Exchange), near the river, the Convention Center, the Hilton, and lots of other desirable interest areas for touring and shopping.  So seasons are not necessarily a factor for my work.  WHEW!!!  Happy for that, because I like to work with all manner of fibers no matter the season.

And then there is Facebook and Ravelry and flickr (where I inventory ALL my work!) that have drawn in people from around the world.  I am happy to say that social media has been very good for my business.  This is a business of LOVE first and foremost - a love of knitting, crocheting, and felting!  But it IS a business too!


Lesley said...

Hi I came by your post looking for ideas and inspiration to decorate a phone cover for my mom's mothers day gift, a Tracfone LG500G qwerty keyboard phone. She left her last one in the wishy washy and it drowned, luckily it only cost $20 & $7/month for service. I have sewn a plain felt phone cover in orange but perhaps I can use strips of colored fabric like a fringe as you have with your scarf to jazz it up a bit with some bead tassels. It's the personal touch that mothers appreciate.

Louise Giordano said...

Try Pinterest for inspiration. I have a whole board of ideas gathered from there. Good luck - hope I helped!

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