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Friday, April 27, 2012

3KCBWDAY5 - Something a Bit Different!

Ode to Wonder Washer

Wonder Washer is its name

Felting in it - not the same.

Give me back my old machine.
Felting magic, clothes get clean.

This contraption is a hoot!

Sloshes, churns, and gives a scoot.

The finished bag, uneven and creased.
Came out OK, and so I ceased.

My motto stands: Nothing is simple!
Not a crime if there's a wrinkle.
A simple bag, once distressed,
Now is dressed:
Nuno, knit, and needle blessed.

3-felt bags are my goal.
Process/product is a whole.
Oh, PLEASE help me get a life
Reduce the stress for far less strife.

Wonder Washer is its name!
Felting in it - not the same!
But I prevailed and so I stand
A fan of this amusing brand!

Finished Bag - front

Finished Bag - back


Chrissie Marshall said...

Great ode to your washer the bag looks really good to me. Now I have to again go through the pain of proving I am not a robot:) Please feel free to delete my previous bad effort

Dinkyflowerpots said...

Love you poem. What a good way to do your 'something different' day!

Louise Giordano said...

Thank you, Dinkyflowerpots and Chrissie! I just learned that there is a prize associated with Day Three's blog posts!2 It's here if you wish to nominate this one:

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