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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

3KCBWDAY2 - Photography Challenge Day - Birch Bark Bernadetta in The River Birch

Well, a photographer I AM NOT!!!  I struggle constantly to get good photos of my work and then doubly hard to get acceptable ones for my gallery's website.  So today's challenge almost got substituted with the wildcard topic.  However, I decided to take this as a challenge and try to get photos (that is.....ONE photo!) that might possibly tell a story.  Of course, I am much better with words than pictures (except when I'm trying to learn something new!), so there has to be a story that goes along with this photo!

The scarf is one of my own, one that I will keep forever, but one that could be sold EVERY time I wear it!  I have sold a handful of similar ones to those who almost insist on my selling this one, and there is indeed a story to the name.  The Bernadetta Scarf has its own story, the likes of which can be found here on this blog if you are so inclined to read about the origin of the name.

But Birch Bark seems to be a very popular color combo, one that I have repeated over and over again.  So I decided to try to take a photo of this very popular selection of browns, taupes, cream, white, grey, gold and silver tones, and black among the branches of the only birch tree in our vicinity.  It's actually our next door neighbor's tree, but it occupies a sizable portion of our property along the golf course.  Yes, that's a bunker in the background.

This is a River Birch, not at all like the beautiful northern birches we had in New England, but it's the closest I can find here in southeastern North Carolina.  And it does have beautiful exfoliating bark.  My color inspiration, however, came from RI where we lived for 30 years.

So that's my story!  Other examples of the Birch Bark combination of colors include the pieces below, and additional photos of my original Bernadetta scarf are here and in the subsequent photos on flickr:

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