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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Getting UnStuck!

Gradually, it's working!  Thanks to Pinterest and flickr, I've managed to get myself marginally inspired once again.  THAT really didn't take very long.  I'm using Pinterest to post some of my own work, but I'm gaining more by searching through to find new ideas, new ways to use old ideas, and just plain general inspiration!  It's working!!!  Flickr is where I manage my own photo inventory.  I use this too to monitor my views and find the stats to be quite interesting.  Pinterest is indeed leading others to find my work!  And flickr is a way for me to re-view my older work to see what inspires me and perhaps what I could possibly do with old ideas in new ways.

Yesterday I had a felting day once again!  And while it was exhausting - all that standing, physicality, and

 designing, the day resulted in three brooches,  

another piece that I would like to use as an appliqué on SOMETHING (???)!  Your ideas are welcomed;

and three felt-tipped scarves:

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