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Saturday, March 03, 2012

UN-Stuck continues!

Designs by others as a source of inspiration!  And it's working!

A Pinteresting week!  This virtual scrapbook of theme boards has captured my imagination (and TIME!) - as well as tens/maybe hundreds of thousands of others!  For an artist, it's inspiration heaven!  For marketing oneself, one's work, one's business, I think it deserves considerable attention.

Recently Sold!
A Few of My Designs!
They say they haven't figured out a way to make money!  DUH!!!  All they need to do is charge something like flickr does:  allow a limited number of  "boards" for free and then charge a yearly fee to those who wish to develop more themes/boards.  I gladly pay $25 a year to flickr to have an unlimited number of "sets."  I would gladly pay that to Pinterest as well.  Think about it!

It Felt SO good!
I started out on flickr with a free subscription to manage my inventory.  I don't sell from flickr and don't want to.  It's against their policy anyway.  Pinterest doesn't prohibit selling, but it strongly suggests that you do NOT use it exclusively to showcase your own work.  I've created several boards that feature photos and ideas of others.  Of my 17 boards to date, I have only three that feature some of my own work: A Few of my Designs; Recently Sold; and It Felt So Good!

The board that has created so much inspiration and EXCITEMENT for me in these recent weeks of feeling creatively "stuck" is called "Inspire Me!"  The beauty of Pinterest is that you add or "pin" photos to boards (just themed bulletin boards) using their "pinmarklet" from any page on the Internet - except perhaps FB.  AND....those links travel with it, so if I see a design I like, I can both pin it and then go back to find the original source for the pattern or additional info.  I LOVE it!

This week I have about 7 projects started and the ideas and fingers keep flowing.  However, it's  a little frenetic, and I am usually one to finish a creative project before starting another.  So many little time.  

This bag - seen on Pinterest - is almost done - with my own addition of a t-shirt flower.  Photos once I figure out HOW to get the new camera (other one died - just one more electronics issue recently!) out of Costco's impenetrable packaging!  SO frustrating!  Love the design - the process of making it was not as much fun as I thought, so it may be prototype and none other!  We'll see!  Directions here

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