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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

STUCK! Got any ideas for me?

I guess every artist goes through periods of  so-called "creative block!"  I believe I've even written about it before, and certainly many others have as well.  If we read about the GREAT artists of all time, we'd find their "dry" periods well-documented.  We would probably also find documentation of their not so "dry" periods, when they turned to drink to numb the pain - or whatever!

Don't worry!  I'm not about to turn to drink.  Nor am I about to become one of the GREATS!  I'm just struggling with a time of dearth of ideas, motivation, inspiration, creativity, etc.  I have a studio filled with yarn, fibers, t-shirts and silk scarves, lingerie, and other cast-offs (for Upcycles), beads, wire, and so much more - just waiting for the next creative burst which doesn't seem to be happening.

My FB friends have offered suggestions:
  • STOP!  
  • Take a break!
  • Take a drive!
  • Take a walk!
  • Walk the beach!
  • Look for inspiration in nature!
Unfortunately, I was raised with the moral code: "Idleness is uselessness!"  Those old messages from early childhood on die very hard for me, so sitting idle (even in my creativity!) is very difficult.  I just came off a period of "I can't stop making things!" and maybe that's the trouble.  I've "made" out!

    I've a birthday coming up.  I hate birthdays!  I don't know the genesis of that, but that too must come from some sort of bizarre message from childhood.  And because of that, and the fact that I lived all but the last 8 years of my life in the Northeast, where Februarys are known to be mostly unkind weather-wise.  I can't complain about this February's weather in NC.  It's mostly been relatively warm and sunny!  So what is this depressive state all about?  Wish I knew!

    Anyway.....I'm determined to work through this creative block, and once the birthday is over, so will be February, and then I can look forward to our USTA tennis season, a trip to FL to visit dear friends, and SPRING!  So where do I go for Spring inspiration?  Perhaps a trip through Pinterest, a visit to Pantone online, and a view of Spring colors and designs will spark my enthusiasm for designing something new - or resurrecting something old.  I'm thinking felted clip brooches that can be worn in the hair, on a hat, bag, shirt, blouse, jacket, lapel - wherever!  Got any ideas for me?

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