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Friday, January 20, 2012

A Mess of Upcycled Scarves.....or Just a MESS!

These are TWO different ones!  
Well, some people might think the scarves ARE a mess, but that is just personal style and preference.  The MESS is actually what happens when I create these little gems that seem to be appealing to more and more funky fashionistas all the time.  The mess IS my studio!  My studio doubles as a guest room!  Need I say more????

But fortunately, the only time I need to use it as a guest room is when the family comes to visit - 5 or 6 times a year.  I have another guest room for use when only one person or couple comes to visit, so my studio can remain in whatever condition it seems to be in at any given time.  The problem, however, is that I can't stand it when it gets completely out of control.  And then it behooves me to clean it up.

Yarn is one thing!  It often occupies the bed, the counter, to say nothing of all the drawers built especially to house my stash.  And then there are the bins that I've added to store bags of yarn that is color-coordinated for use with a number of my designs.  Yarn also often occupies my kitchen counter and the family room couch for work in progress!  And BTW, all the felting supplies live in yet another area of my house - one that also houses my washer/dryer and myriad other things.  It is erroneously called the "laundry room!" - yet another joke!

So when an order came in for a half-dozen Tee-Upcycled Scarves in a variety of color themes, I had to begin the search within my studio for the tee-shirts, fabric stored in bureau drawers and under the bed, and other pieces of coordinating yarn and fiber.  I didn't take a photo of the studio in progress (next time I WILL!), but yesterday I spent a couple of hours organizing (that's a joke!) and re-storing all those components.

I LOVE it when the studio is clean, the floor and bed are visible, and the counters are neatly arranged.  And I did some re-arranging, coordinating, and tossing!  My fear now is that I will no longer be able to find anything in the de-cluttered environment!

So then I took photos of the resulting scarves (another process that makes me a little crazy!  You can read about THAT here in a post called "The Saga of the NEW Photos!")  And then I posted them on Facebook, and of my favorite customers wanted one!  I'm certainly not complaining, but since these are designated for a delightful shop in Taos, it means that I need to make her a new one and THAT means I have to pull apart my studio for this next creation of the Tee-Upcycle Scarf!

You know what?  I really love designing these, and I'm really grateful to HAVE a studio that lives in the FROG.  A FROG????  In the South, that's a Finished Room Over Garage, AKA Bonus Room.  It is out of sight, but never out of mind!  And occasionally, it is sparkly clean.  Photos of before and after coming soon!


Chrissie Marshall said...

Cleverly you managed not to show your mess. Although have to admit I would be embarassed to let you see the state of mine. It seems the more I clear up the worse I make it. Still at the end of the day it's what we produce that counts not the mess:)xx

Louise Giordano said...

Chrissie, photos of the studio coming soon! Were you there the day I demo-ed making these? I think not! You do something else with tees that is truly wonderful! Where are some photos of those?

Anonymous said...

Louise, I would like to purchase one of these scarves. They are divine!

Could you contact me at Marylouisr18@ as to price and how to go about it. I have checked all your retail stores and they had nada.

Mary Lou. Aka Babe

Louise Giordano said...

Just sent you an email, Mary Lou!

Louise Giordano said...

Mary Lou, your email bounced twice. Is that correct?

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