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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On to Cassis!

So busy that continuing my story of the trip to France got side-tracked!  And if I don't record this soon, I will have forgotten all the details.  I must say that after a week and a half at home, I am still on a high!  And I am also happy to report that my sales continue to be strong, so that means more time needed for knitting, crocheting, photographing, as well as managing the newsletter for the gallery, and planning an upcoming home show!  WHEW!!!

So.....after the Chez Bruno day, we spent the next rediscovering Cassis, one of my favorite places.  Rita and Joel had offered to take us there by boat, but the Mistral had other ideas.  In all the travels to France, including 6 weeks in Montpelier many years ago and time spent in Provence, we finally had the experience of this legendary wind from the North that blows with ferocious fury while the sun shines crisp and bright. And it's a cold wind!  So that boat ride and any idea of any boat ride to the Calanques (fiord-like structures that rise from the sea) were out of the question.  And the Route des Cretes, over the mountain from La Ciotat to Cassis, closes when there is sufficient wind.  It was closed!  So we drove instead to the city, saw the Calanques from above, climbed down a path to the sea and then walked around the city.  We usually stop at Nino's for a drink, but it was closed too.  My DH's family nickname is Nino, so we wanted to pay homage to him!

It was a glorious day - as were all the France days in Provence!  The last day with Rita and Joel were in Aix-en-Provence, a city that we had stayed in for a week in 1998 (I think!)  Next post will be about that!


fabriquefantastique said...

nice to travel 'off season'.

RobynFrance said...

Louise, Al and I love Cassis and have had a drink there as well--in fact I have a photo very similar to yours. Now that I realize I wasn't getting your posts, I am going back to hear about your great trip. We have experienced the Mistral twice--whoa, I thought we would literally be blown off our feel in Bonnieux, dearly holding on to one another for life.

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