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Thursday, October 20, 2011

The French Experience - Part 1B - The Middle!

THE RICHNESS OF CHEZ BRUNO! every sense of the word!  During an earlier trip to France with my husband, we treated our family to a luncheon at Chez Bruno, a restaurant/inn in the countryside village of Lorgues.  Watch the video!  It must have been the most expensive meal I've EVER eaten at any restaurant, at this culinary masterpiece that specializes in truffles - with every course.  There is no food selection - except to choose which of the prix fixe menus you wish to indulge in.  Thinking this would be an excellent choice again - to thank our family for hosting me and my friend for 6 days, Ginny and I agreed to take Rita and Joel there - on us!  Little did we know!

Here is the menu.  I thought we had chosen the "basic" prix fixe, but I fear that my BIL selected a different, more "cher" one, plus wine.  OMG!!! OK, so every course included that elusive truffe (except the second dessert), but really!  And it was rich and almost did me in.  I worried for a while on the way back that it would get me, but I did survive and didn't eat another thing until next day.


SHOCK!!!!  CHOQUE!!!!  In any language, this was a shocker!  And yesterday when I checked the AMEX bill to see where I stood, I almost left my chair.  When buying/spending in Euros, it's like Monopoly money! When the reality reveals itself, you cannot imagine that ANY meal, anywhere in the entire UNIVERSE, could cost that much!  Are you ready?  And this is only HALF!!!!  in dollars!  NAH.....I think I won't reveal the actual amount, but there was a transaction fee of $10.11.  Suffice it to say that it was embarrassingly expensive!

NEXT:  Photos of all the amazing sculpture on the grounds of Chez Bruno.  Not the best photography, but really astounding, from classical to very contemporary.


Krishenka said...

yowzza I know what it cost and am reeling on your behalf!!! looked amazing but what else would you expect for the pleasure of dining on truffles galore. Each after dinner burp must have cost shhhhhhhhhhh.. I will keep the secret. Fabulous pics

Louise Giordano said...

Thank you for your support, Chrissie! I blame it on my DH, because he's the one who suggested we go back there! Thank goodness, be now he can't have a fit when the bill appears!

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