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Saturday, October 29, 2011


AIX!  This means so much to so many people!  I first heard of AIX (pronounced "EX") MANY years ago, during my very first trip across the pond to France.  In fact, it was indeed across the pond, as I was on the student ship, Aurelia, and I will NOT tell you the year.  I traveled with a group of young women from Elmira College, going to Paris and then immediately to Montpelier for an intensive 6-week language course for foreign students.  But most of the ship was populated with students headed to Aix for a year - and they were from all over the country, and they were FUN!  Elmira at the time was an all-girls' school, so we were very much interested in FUN!

But in 1998, I traveled to France with my husband of many years, and we based ourselves in Aix-en-Provence for a week - at the Hotel des Augustins off the Cours Mirabeau.  We toured the countryside and very much enjoyed Aix.  This time, Rita and Joel took Ginny and me back to AIX - for lunch, to watch people, and do a little shopping (of course!)  We ate at one of the big cafe/bistros on the Cours Mirabeau, and I had their version of the Croque Monsieur, called the Croque Mademoiselle - with egg.  It was a fun time, and it was our last day with the family.  I was most impressed with how crowded it was in Aix and how clean and uniquely organized the garage was where we parked the car.  We also stopped into Hotel des Augustins with its interesting lobby.

Did you ever see such a clean garage?  It was immaculate; the free spaces were indicated with lights along the ceiling and floor, and the whole place was bright as daylight.

Happy in the restaurant!

Ginny & Rita shopping.  G wasn't happy with what she wore and ultimately bought a skirt to wear over her leggings.  Here Rita is attempting to wrap the scarf around her waist.

Next: On to the Chateau Dumas and our Festive Workshop!

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RobynFrance said...

Louise, how nice to hear about our trip over--remember all 6 of us in one room with those tiny berths--but we didn't know any different--the SS Aurelia, which my Dad said was an old Italian army ship. Anyway, fun to hear about your time there--Al and I spent about 5 days there at a darling hotel on a side street called Hotel Cardinale--wouldn't mind going back there either. Look forward to your next post and great to see those photos of Rita--she looks the same.

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