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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Nuisance Factor?  I DO need to keep reminding myself of that!  I said it yesterday!  I've said it a bunch of times today!  UGH!!! Why can I NOT be patient with myself or comfortable being relatively idle?Throwback to childhood, I guess, when I wasn't allowed to be idle!

I did get out this morning, to meet with a new and very delightful career counseling client.  We hit it off instantly, and I look forward to continuing the process with her.  I drove there, despite the "claw" and the half-vision, and did some errands along the way home.

Half-vision?  Well that''s another story!  Last year when I had my first cataract surgery (not 100% successful!), I knew I'd need to have the other (left) eye done sooner or later.  In the interim, I was fitted with a contact lens for the left eye - which at least has made it possible to function fairly normally.  Totally disgruntled with the ophthalmologist and his entire staff/services, my optometrist saved the day (year!) by properly fitting me with this contact lens.  A new doctor will perform the next cataract surgery on June 13, but in order for her office to PROPERLY take those measurements, I cannot wear my contact for a whole WEEK!  I intentionally chose this week because I knew I'd be somewhat out of commission while recovering from the hand surgery.

But I am disoriented from the differences in vision.  Everything that requires vision (EVERYTHING!) is a bit of a challenge.  So the things I might chose to do while not playing tennis or knitting are not so comfortable after all.  TWO more days like this, and then I can re-insert my contact and at least not feel so lopsided or eye-strained.  Reading, TV, computing are all possible, but my head and eyes hurt.

OK, enough venting, complaining, bitching, and moaning!  You need not read this - it's really for the purpose of doing something, passing time, and just plain venting!

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