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Thursday, June 02, 2011

You'd think I had time to blog....!

You'd think, right?  It's been two weeks since my carpal tunnel surgery....two weeks without knitting or any other fiber art and two weeks without tennis!  So you think I;d find time and inclination to post here on my blog.  Fact is that despite the time, it also takes motivation.  I think the lack of exercise is affecting my brain....and my body!

I said I would go to our sports center to exercise - not!  I did purge the closet, organize my studio, read a book, become addicted to online Scrabble!  Not much to comment on, I guess.

Tuesday my stitches came out - with more pain than any other part of the process; yesterday I removed a piece of neglected stitch that was 1/2" long.  Initially it felt better; last night it throbbed.  But now it seems OK - a good thing.  Yesterday I produced my first creation in two weeks - a twist fringe scarf using the GORGEOUS 1/2" rayon ribbon from Judi & Co. that arrived while incapacitated.  FUN!  Here is the result:

Coral Reef Twist Fringe Scarf

Coral Reef Twist Fringe Scarf

And last night I attended a very interesting workshop in Mandala drawing with Meg McGrew, art therapist.  I created one that at first was a throwback to something I happily did many times with my children; then it turned into something more serious and sad - unexpected to some degree.  I enjoyed the instructor, group, and the process.  The results:  well....there's lots of fuel if I truly wanted to analyze it....but I don't at the moment.

What to do today?  I cleaned my refrigerator - much needed.  Now I need to motivate myself to get dressed, go out to do errands, or go to my gallery to talk about new display options.  Got to go now. Have a great day, everyone!

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