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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Remember this?

How could I forget?  Almost a year ago, I underwent surgery for trigger thumb - the resulting malady from the previous year's carpal tunnel surgery.  They call me a "Frequent Flyer" at the surgicenter where I go.  And I'll be there again in June for the second cataract surgery!  Then.....I should be done....barring the development of another trigger finger!

Trigger Thumb surgery June 2010

Carpal Tunnel - May 2011

Carpal Tunnel Surgery - 2011

You can tell by the lovely packaging that the same doctor wrapped me up.  I love this doctor!  He also gave me a shot in the left elbow while I was "out" so that the tendonitis there would not worsen as I struggle to use my left hand in the weeks ahead.  But as you can see, I am already typing, have taken a shower (wrapped in Saran Wrap and double newspaper baggies).  The hair is another story!

I'm taking a reprieve from knitting and crocheting for at least a week; tennis for 4 - 6 weeks, so I will manage to keep myself busy with other things - like organizing my studio (yet again!), clearing out my closet (yet again!), reading, and planning for a variety of things.  Not so bad!  REALLY!!!

I remind myself EVERY day, many times each day, that this is nothing more than NUISANCE FACTOR, and that in light of several friends struggling with life-threatening or life-changing illnesses and conditions, I am grateful to deal with this.  

I'll keep you posted!


Krishenka said...

Glad to hear that it has gone well and that you will be back on form soon. You say back to work in a week is that all! I can only try and visualise you trying to wash your hair one handed and get a fit of the giggles.... sorry! Have a great weekend.

Scarf It Up! said...

Thank you, Chrissie! The "cast" just came off, so now I'm down to a large bandage. I did manage to do my hair this morning, so I could meet a new career counseling client. It wasn't all that bad. But go ahead, enjoy your giggles at my expense!

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