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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Time to Let Out the News!!!!!!!!! My Week of WOW!! Part II

Yesterday I announced my exciting news (my week of WOW!)  I promised more views of the Chateau Dumas, the grand estate in southwestern France where I'l be going/staying in October for the Festive French Country Workshop, thanks to Christine Marshall and Lizzie Hulme, owner of Chateau Dumas!

I posted photos of the glorious exterior and picturesque countryside surrounding the Chateau in Auty France, near Toulouse.  Today I offer views of the interior.  Of course I will post MANY photos of my stay there and the workshop once I return.

But we are definitely getting ahead of ourselves!  Trying to contain my excitement, since this isn't until October, and one never knows what might transpire between now and then.  Still keeping fingers crossed and plan to purchase travel insurance as soon as I book my flight.

So for today, I'm borrowing photos from the Chateau Dumas website, and invite you to look there for many more.

You can see a slide show of all this on their website and also read about the variety of millinery, vintage linens, woad, and other workshops offered there starting next month!  Enjoy the reading and the views!


Krishenka said...

Your excitement is such a pleasure to hear (if that makes sense)and thanks for posting some great pictures of the chateau. Wait till you get here and your camera will be full to the brim.

Nancy J. said...

How did you win this marvelous adventure! It looks like an absolutely fabulous place.

Art said...

Fancy! Super fabulous ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness Louise, you are going to have a FABULOUS time!!! XXX

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