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Monday, April 04, 2011

Time to Let Out the NEWS!!!!!!!!! My Week of WOW!!

 Chateau Dumas and The Festive French Country Workshop

I feel really blessed!  And really grateful!  And grateful for the blessings!

I've never considered myself real lucky, and there have indeed been many challenges in my life , but right now I feel like the luckiest person in the world!  


And it's in FRANCE, my favorite place to travel in the world (at least the limited world I've already seen!)  I consider myself to be something of a francophile (studied in France, taught French, family there!), and while we used to travel there fairly frequently, we do no more, due to various family health issues.  I really thought I might NEVER get back to France!  So this is my blessing!

I'll be going in October to this workshop: "Festive French Country Workshop"  Scroll down to the end of that page to read about it.  

Thanks to Christine Marshall and Chateau Dumas, I have this opportunity of a lifetime presented to me!  I will travel to Ceyreste (near Marseille), first to visit with some of the French family, my sister-in-law and her husband.  She was my college roommate 100 years ago and my SIL for MANY years, and we still have a blast together!  Then they will bring me to Toulouse, a city they have not visited before, and to the Chateau Dumas for my week of workshop (my WOW!!!!)

The blessings least one of my friends is coming too!  More about that later as we firm up our plans.  And of course the plans include travel insurance because I need it!  TWO very BIG trips and one smaller one had to be cancelled in the last few years due to DH health issues, so I don't take any chances.  However, I'm very happy to report that right now, he is doing very well!!!  Fingers crossed!

So enjoy these photos of the Chateau's views and surroundings.  I'll post interior photos in my next blog posting.  Stay tuned!

Merci mille fois pour cette opportunite, Chrissie and Chateau Dumas! 
 (I wish I could easily make accent marks with my computer!)


Krishenka said...

Wow is right and I feel that fate has been dabbling with perfect results. Wonderful that you have family over here that you can also visit. See you soonish :)

fabriquefantastique said...

Lucky, lucky you.

Chrissie said...

How wonderful - I hope you have a brilliant time!

Sheep Rustler said...

I am so thrilled for you, Louise! I hope you have a fantabulous time and take lots of photos :)

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