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Friday, January 07, 2011

New Year! New Me? New Designs? Old Designs!

Amazing how much better I feel now that December is over!  You too?

Taking care of me this week!  Treated myself to a facial, a massage, lots of tennis (maybe too much!),  a new Zumba Gold class (I have lost all my ability to dance!), and a haircut scheduled for Monday!  I've booked a visit to my bro and SIL in AZ for a few days in February and looking into another to FL.  The weather continues to be unseasonably cold here, too reminiscent of RI, but we are adjusting and planning small reprieves.

I'm also taking a small break from fiber arts - to regroup and consider designs for Spring.  The most recent creation really represents the barrenness of winter.  I've called it Birch Bark, but I think Snowy Owl might be a better moniker.

Birch Bark Bernadetta Scarf
Birch Bark (Snowy Owl) Bernadetta
This is a design in my "Bernadetta" line - with a story!  My friend, Bernie (aka Bernadette), fell in love with the very first one I made in this style.  It was a special creation for ME to wear at the opening reception of my first-ever fiber show.  I can't even find a photo of it at the moment!  But I LOVED wearing it, and it was symbolically so special to me.  She wanted it!  I declined!

The very next day, her husband called me at home.  He really wanted to buy it for her for Valentine's Day.  So.....I reluctantly sold it to him (at a rather high price!)  From that time on, it became the Bernadetta Scarf.  You can see many more of them here.

It's still a popular design.  In fact, I recently completed a custom one for Julie (well, her mom who wanted to give it as a Christmas gift!)

Julie's Bernadetta Scarf




Pam Kellogg said...

Oh Louise, you have no idea how happy I am when December is over! Now, it's staying light out longer and although it's cold, the extra daylight helps me!!

Love your story and love your work. Take your breaks when you need to. Enjoy your trips!

Hugs, Pam

Schoodie said...

Nice Post, you have designed really beautiful scarves. I wish I could buy 1 for my Fiance.

Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts said...

Schoodie, thank you for your comments. Of course, you CAN buy one at any time. I've looked at your website - very interesting concept and design - functional, practical, and FUN!

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