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Monday, August 16, 2010

The New England Journey

I'm up early - not unusual!  The house is quiet.  I've got my coffee and my computer.  At 8 AM, my daughter and I leave for parts North.  I flew to Manchester, NH six weeks ago (spent several days visiting friends and family in MA and NH AND had a terrific Scarf It Up! Show at my daughter's home!).  We drove back to NC in her car.  So this morning we start the reverse journey, with plans to reach Cherry Hill, NJ tonight, stop to visit my "oldest" friend for lunch (Waterford, CT), and then deposit me in RI with another dear friend.  Roberta will spend a few days in RI (where we lived for 30 years) with HER friends, and then I will fly home on Saturday and she will finally get herself back to her home in MA to ready herself for the start of the school year.

I hate the drive north! She'll do the first 4 -5 hours - maybe to Richmond or Frederickburg, VA, and then I get to do the awful part - through Washington, DC., and then tomorrow through NY.  We used to go straight through, but alas, I can't do it any longer.  Nine hours to Cherry Hill (with a little traffic luck!) is enough for me for one day!

I'm armed with very little yarn and needles, because I have to remember my luggage limit for the return trip!  So I hope I'll be happy with my choices - otherwise, I'll have nothing to do when not driving.

But last night I finally created pin/brooches with pieces of felt I made weeks ago.  I used the alligator hair clip/pin backs that I had ordered through Etsy, and the results are lovely (although the photos are not!).  There was one more, but there is no photo because I took it to Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts when I worked on Friday, had it on the counter by the register, and it sold before I even had a chance to photograph it, jury it in, or price it.  Someone loved it and had to have it!
The Alligator/Pin Back

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