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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time has gotten away from me!

The family reunion was THE BEST!!!!  The house was perfect, as were the beach, the food, the memories, the fun, the photo session, and of course, the family - with all its little quirks, language barriers, and cultural differences.  I think it was an excellent learning experience for all, but most of all, it was just wonderful to get this whole family together.  The girls want to do it again in seven years!

I was so busy that I failed to take but a few photos.  The French contingent took COPIOUS photos, but they haven't posted them yet to be able to post here.  Will do so when I can.

Now, I'm preparing for my next event - a trip to New England to return my daughter and dog to her home in MA and spend a little time in RI with friends.  But before leaving on Monday, I still need to:
  • Finalize my contribution (bio, article, and project) to Spool Magazine's premier edition.  
  • Finalize the Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts August/September newsletter.
  • Clean my house.
  • Wash and iron.
  • Decide what to pack (that's the hardest on this list) for clothes and projects along the way.

We are driving to New England, but I am flying home next Saturday, so the packing has to be carefully done.  I will only want a carry-on for the return trip, so this means NOT bringing much!  I HATE packing for trips!

The RI Trunk Show was cancelled.  My friend who had offered to host couldn't do it after all.  I was both bummed and relieved.  It is planned for next summer, but who can plan that far out?  We'll see what happens.  I have decided to do a Holiday Home Trunk Show in November - more details later.

I worked yesterday at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts.  It was a busy day with good sales for a Friday!  My own sales have been slow this month  - a neck garden sold on Thursday.  But yesterday, two ironic sales for me:  one of the "oldest" things of mine in the gallery sold.  It's a multimedia, wired knit and crochet neckwrap (or belt if really skinny!) - very funky and not for everyone.  I heard the woman say, "I have to have this!"  MUSIC to my ears!

And then I sold the newest thing I had made - not even priced, photographed, or juried in.  It was one of the latest nuno felt pieces I had made a few weeks ago that I formed into a beautiful but small brooch. I used one of the new alligator clip/pin backs on it, so that is can be used for hair, lapel, neckline, bag, hat, etc.  It was sitting on the counter at the Gallery, and someone HAD to have that.  So it's gone, and I have no photo.  :(  But it made for a happy day - AND the three items paid my rent for the month, so that's a relief!

Off to tennis now and then to tackle my work of the weekend.  Have a grand weekend and week everyone!  I'll report after my trip.

That brings you up to date on my latest activities.

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