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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Made it to the Museum!!!!!

Sabrina Gold Cachecol  

Silk Garden Angel Scarflette

No, I didn't just visit!  Astonishingly, my work (17 pieces) is now being displayed and sold in the Museum Shop of the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington NC.  Granted this is not the Louvre, or MOMA, or the Guggenheim, but it's a coup for me!  And I am honored that I was approached by the Museum Shop to see if I'd be interested in selling my work there.  Interested?  Are you kidding?

This is a beautiful little gem of a museum that occasionally hosts the most amazing exhibits - like the William Ivey Long exhibit of a few years ago and the current Puppet  exhibit.  It doesn't get the traffic it deserves, but the Museum itself and the Museum Shop are just fabulous!  I'll be thrilled to see how Kate Cathey, Museum Shop Manager/Events Planner, arranges my work amongst the other  artists' work currently on display.  I had an awesome feeling when I left.  And even if I don't sell much there, just the thought of being there and having been invited leaves me smiling!

I left a Wrapsody,  some Bloomin' Neck Gardens, a felted bowl, felted brooches, a  mini-shawl, and a loopy.  I think that's it.  It's representative of most of my work.  There is another artist there who does felted bags and vessels, so I didn't bring those for consideration.

Now the bad....!

The disturbing news of the day was this: The latest EMG studies for carpal tunnel evaluation showed that my right hand is "severe."  (I've already had the left one done!) Since the degree of stricture is clinically classified as mild, moderate, severe, that leaves me with no doubt that I have a difficult situation.  The doctor said "I can't believe you've put up with this for so long!"  And it's been a very long time.  But oddly enough, there was no diminished strength in the hand.

I'm seeing the orthopedic surgeon on Friday and will ask him about OT/PT before committing to another surgery.

Other Good News..!

I posted photos of a few new things on FB yesterday.  Two of them sold right from FB, one to a regular customer (and now friend) and one to a former (and favorite) student of mine in RI.  These are the solds:

Green Goddess Cachecol  

Silk Garden Lite Angel Scarflette

And FINALLY......I have an order for a Wrapsody - the first!!!!!!!!!!!!


Carol Dean said...

Congratulations on the wonderful recognition by the museum and the museum shop.

Boooooooo to the carpal tunnel :(

Pam Kellogg said...

Louise, your work is gorgeous as always! So glad to hear about your museum adventure, your FB sales and to see your newest works. Sorry about the CT. There's always a monkey wrench, isn't there!

Hugs to you!!

Butterfly Works said...

WOW, I am so proud of your recognition by the museum...way to go girl....

I am sorry about the CT..hopes that gets straightened out soon....

Hugs to you....

Sheep Rustler said...

Thrilled to hear about the recognition of your work, which is very beautiful ; but sorry to hear about the CTS. My SIL had operations on both hands for that, but it takes so long to recover from :( Good luck with it.

Scarf It Up! said...

Thank you, Everyone, for your inimitable support - for the good AND the bad! Going to see surgeon today and will push for OT/PT first!

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