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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Travels through New England!

Another VERY busy week for me!  I flew to Manchester NH on Wednesday - no delays - in fact, I arrived early (but my daughter was late picking me up!)  She hosted a very successful Scarf It Up! Trunk Show for me that very afternoon, God bless her!  It was fun to see many of her friends again (and many of them have long been strong fans and supporters of my work) and to meet many of her new friends (from her neighborhood and current school district).

Thursday was my daughter's birthday, so we intentionally tried to keep it unstructured, calm, and fun!  One of her friends had made an appointment for me to meet a gallery owner.  He did like my work, and I believe we will work out an arrangement for him to sell my Sac Sauvage bags come Fall.  It's Handworks Gallery in Acton MA.  Then we went to lunch with two of her friends/neighbors, Mary and Ingrid.  THEN we crashed!

Friday, my daughter went to Maine for a weekend of wedding festivities for another of her dear friends.  My original lunch plans were canceled, so I made good use of the time and went to my favorite shops nearby: Options Boutique, The World in Stitches, and The Woolpack - all in Littleton, MA.  Lots of little goodies for me!  And YARN!!!

Saturday was my one day at the Knit & Crochet Show in Manchester NH for shopping the floor and meeting with some editors from various knit/crochet publications.  Lots of attention from the nuno felted brooch I was wearing, shared lots of cards, and bought not lots, but some lovely yarn at good prices.  I met my brother and SIL for lunch and then went back to the show to finish scouting and scouring the fibers; drove back to MA (stopping in Nashua at the LL Bean Outlet and Christmas Tree Shoppes).  EXHAUSTION ensued!  Crashed like crazy.

Sunday, Bailey (the grandpup) woke me a 6 to go out!  I DO NOT go back to sleep once awake.  Felt awful!  But today I met my good friends and former colleagues (also former bosses) for lunch.  We met at Panera Bread in Marlboro, MA, and had a wonderful time catching up.  Oh, and Bev bought one of my Sac Sauvage!  I'm back at my daughter's now waiting for her to return from ME so we can begin the preparation process for starting our drive back to Wilmington NC tomorrow early.

I'm beat; I'm sure she's beat - so it should be a completely enervating grind to drive the 15 hours to NC.  We will probably take 2 days to do it - in any event, I simply do NOT look forward  to this drive - definitely NOT FUN!!!  I do look forward to working with some of my new yarns on the drive but I brought only one set of knitting needles with me.  Whatever I start will have to be crochet - no problem there!

FUN but tiring trip - I guess my ages is catching up with me, and I really HATE to admit that!

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