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Friday, July 16, 2010

Coming Up for Air!

I've been back since Tuesday afternoon, but it has taken me several days to recover from my trip.  That seems to be what happens when you reach a certain age - alas!  I've been moving around like a zombie, although I did play tennis (not terribly well!) twice so far.  I've also managed to:

  • Return some of my items to Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts
  • Return Jan's hats to aMuse Artisanal Finery 
  • Store my remaining goods
  • Do all the wash
  • Clean the freezer and fridge; vacuumed and washed the floors in parts of the house
  • List "Wrapsody in Taupe" on Etsy  
  • Complete the PCPFC Newsletter
  • And a few more things!

And I've made a bendable crocheted necklace as a custom order from my trip to MA........

......and I'm working on my own version of Jane Thornley's Geode Scarf.  It's now more than half-way done, very slow going because the wonderfully delicious 100% silk boucle yarn from Alchemy (Pagoda) is knitted on size 9 needles - not my favorite.  The results, however, are worth the effort and 
time involved: a soft, drapy, silky ribbed scarf with bobbles or bubbles or contrasting fibers, 
both in color and texture.  

I'll show the final piece once completed!  Thanks, Jane, for your vision!


Butterfly Works said...

Welcome did your show go? Sounds like you've been busy to me......

Love your new taupe's georgeous.....

Scarf It Up! said...

The show went very well, thank you! And I have another to look forward to in August in RI. Such shows seem to trump the entire month in my local galleries. Perhaps it's the way to go forward! And that's how it all started for me!

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