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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Did I say it was an interesting week? just keeps getting more so!

Never a dull moment around here! 

Thursday: someone on FB "friended" me!  Afterwards she said she was interested in Blue Wrapsody.  I was thrilled but not at all eager to sell it.  I responded that it wasn't currently for sale, but it could be later; price, shipping, deposit on a custom wrap, free shawl pin, and photos of various ways to wear a Wrapsody - all seemed to be fine and agreeable to both of us................until I suddenly stopped hearing from her.  NOTHING!!!! No response to subsequent emails!  Nothing, nada, rien, zilch - so that is done now!  I'm taking "Blue" to MA to show her style, comfort, and beauty!

Friday:  I worked at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts.  I had invited two couples for dinner on Saturday, specifically THIS Saturday because my house was to be cleaned today.  The cleaners never showed up - so now I knew I had to both cook AND clean on Saturday.  OK....I started cleaning Friday night.

Saturday:  I started cooking and cleaning early when my daughter called at 8:15.  They had a beach rental scheduled in Emerald Isle NC for a week; the car and the kids were all packed up and ready to go when she suddenly looked at her reservation.  It was from SUNDAY to Sunday (not Saturday!)  Could they come and stay with us?  Well, no mom says no to the family coming to visit, but they would have to go out for dinner, because I didn't have enough for 11 (including THREE very HUNGRY kids) when I had planned for six reasonable and rational adults.  OK, so they came and the company came - and it was all great - if tiring!

Sunday, 4th of July: I had to work the gallery again today from 12 - 4.  I left the family and went to work!  Busy, busy downtown and quite a few sales for a Sunday.  At 4, I sent my co-worker home, but could simply NOT close the door.  More and more people kept coming in and buying!  I even managed to sell a Loopy, so that made my day.  I finally was able to leave at 5.

Going forward:  Leaving Wednesday for NH and MA and all kinds of fun and crazy things there: trunk show, lunches, dinners, other daughter's birthday, family, friends.  I'm already exhausted and get more exhausted thinking of the rest of the summer.  But it's all good!  And I am very grateful.


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Mardi said...

Hi Louise! Hope you had a great weekend. I have just added your site as a link in my blog. I have been a fan of yours for ages, but I am a little slow with all the blog technicalities. Like a turtle! I love the new scarf in shades of teal.

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