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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vested Interests!

OK, I'm a sucker for vests (gilets sans manches, en francais!)  And I bought one recently!  OMG......I completely upset the budget on an amazing vest from Amy Brill/Totally Brill, purchased at artichoke boutique!  I've already worn it twice with multiple compliments each time.  I love the style, color, drape, and practicality of it in this Southern climate.

Parisian Night Sky Vest

I also cannot afford to spend that kind of $$$ on such a splurge very often, so of course now I want to MAKE vests!  And so I did.  My first one is crocheted (and so is the second one in progress), and of course, I wanted something fun and funky and asymmetrical!  I think I got it!  It is not at all like the purchased one, but it does meet the loose, various ways to wear, fun and funky criteria.  I call it Parisian Night Skies!

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Butterfly Works said...

I love your vests....very funky which we seem to like these days, uh?
You asked about patterns on my site and I wasn't sure which piece you were refering to.....Did you see the funky vest that I am working on....I even started another one last night but with a more open this pattern....basically a rectangle with two arms for the holes....

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