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Monday, June 14, 2010


Stitches removed this morning - no restrictions except for tennis (one more week!)  So I am cleared to return to all my sticks and stuff!  Of course, I've been crocheting for the better part of a week already - now I know I can proceed, safely, and in fact, it is therapeutic (for the soul and the finger!)

SCARF IT UP! EXPOSED BY Vicki Diane Designs

Vicki of Vicki Diane Designs has ingeniously and continually promoted others on Etsy, FB, and everywhere else she can think of.  For some time now, she's been doing an "Artists Exposed" Treasury in the new Treasury East section (which has virtually undone the other Treasury locations on Etsy!)  If you contact her, she will tell you what to do to be included in "Artists Exposed!" She has generously given of her time to give others her attention which in turn gives attention to the artists exposed.  I am grateful to her and consequently am pleased to showcase her shop here.

I LOVE these VickiDianeDesigns earrings!


Vicki Diane said...

Louise, it's a PLEASURE to feature you and your lovely designs, and thanks SO much for this great blog !!
Anybody reading this, I want to reiterate that these Treasury's are open to EVERYone and you will get approximately a 10 day feature.
I do hope your recovery is speedy Louise (and also that you may get a few sales through this Treasury my friend :)
Vicki xox

Butterfly Works said...

Louise, I am so glad you have the stitches out; now you can go girl......I love your new sidebars on your blog; very pretty.....

It sounds like the workshop was very useful and that you got lots of information.....

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