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Sunday, June 20, 2010

MORE Vested Interests! NAME IT!!!

Doesn't look like much laid out on the floor to reveal the complete "package!" 
 But look what it can become!

Many days later, I have completed the blue, nameless accessory that could be a vest, shawl, wrap, poncho, shrug, shrawl, skirt, scarf, gilet, and more!  It is indeed a versatile garment with innumerable ways to consider wearing it.  I've uploaded 17 photos to flickr and FB, with the request that YOU name it - because I need help!  
Here are 16 of the photos - larger individual photos on flickr and FB.

It's crocheted with 25+ different yarns and fibers - all with various blues that remind me of denim, but also of the sky, the sea, blue eyes, Delft and other blue porcelain, and so much more.

Can YOU help me name this amorphous thing???


Carol said...

Ver-I-Wrap (as for versit-I-le

Butterfly Works said...

I was in Wilmington this weekend for my nephew's wedding and I thought about you...I had just a few minutes on Saturday morning and even went to the Artichoke...I bought a little's a cute shop......

Your vest is really cute and so versible....Love the colors you used...I am still working on mine; I hope to finish it this week.

Name a name.....I guess from being at Carolina Beach this weekend, when I looked at the picture of your vest I thought of I think I would suggest Waves of Motion.....Waves because it looks like the ocean and motion because there are so many different ways to wear it...lots of motion going on in that piece.....

Great job.....

Windmill Hill Alpacas said...


Scarf It Up! said...
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Scarf It Up! said...

Thank you, everyone, for your suggestions! I've taken all under advisement and think I have come up with two on my own that I like: BLUE WRAPTURE or WRAPSODY IN BLUE!


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