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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Full Circle!!!

No, this is not about circular shawls or circular needles!  It's a short history of Scarf It Up! that began about 10 years ago.

My daughter, a school psychologist in MA (we lived in RI at the time!), hosted what we called a "Scarf It Up Open House!" at her place.  She invited all her colleagues from her then school district - and MANY came!!!  And MANY bought my handknitted scarves and those of my friend, Kathy!  It was HUGELY successful!  That launched Scarf It Up!  And the rest is history!

While I really like the idea of occasional home parties to sell my work, we only did a couple more in RI - until Kathy became the National Teacher of the Year and had to give up her hobby.  She was enormously generous in giving me (yes, giving me!) ALL her yarn - which I still use to this day!  Without her contributions to the early days of Scarf It Up!, I doubt it would exist today. daughter is now in a new school district, still in MA and near the old one.  We've decided to hold another Scarf It Up! Open House, inviting everyone from her current district as well as some fans from the former.  She used FB and email and is stuffing mailboxes today - the last day of school!  We know that many people will be vacationing and unavailable, but..............!

I'm now in a panic!  Mostly because I am flying to MA - not driving!  So I am limited in what I can bring from my inventory.  My plan keeps changing, but here is the latest:

  • Take one suitcase - carry-on - filled to the brim with my work.  Carry it because I am terrified of  it NOT getting there - since we're holding this open house on the same day that I arrive!  Shipping will cost more with insurance, and there is no guarantee that it will arrive - in time or at all!
  • Take a second one for my clothes and check that one.  I'll fill the larger one with more inventory as well to be sure I have adequate inventory.  It can also hold other needed supplies.
  • We'll be driving back to NC so the suitcases will not be a problem on the other end.
I'm excited about this trip.  It's essentially for the purpose of driving my daughter and her dog to NC for much of the summer.  Then later in August, we'll drive back to New England and I'll fly home - with one small suitcase! that sense Scarf It up! has gone full circle, and I will have done the same - but without making four long drives between NC and MA!

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