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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Show Preps!

Decisions made about packing my inventory!  Now the FUN begins!  How to achieve it!  I have one suitcase being stuffed to the gills with an array of scarves, cachecols, felted bags of all kinds, collars, brooches, shawls, wraps!  The big decision is what NOT TO TAKE!!!!  Well, I'm limited to what fits in this particular suitcase for carry-on AND a smaller one for my clothes that I will check.  If necessary, I'll check a larger one for clothes and..............!  But I really want to take minimal clothes and personal items.

You HAS to be carry-on so I can be sure it arrives WITH me! It's not such a large bag; you won't believe how much is already jammed in!

What do I need for clothes?  Not much!  I'll be staying with my daughter - so I can do laundry if necessary.  I'm seeing different friends/relatives each day, so I could wear the same clothes every day (except for the people in her complex who will see me walking the dog in the same outfits every day - who cares!!!)  So....I'll do the white and black trick!  That's all I ever wear when traveling: white crops (2), white Bermudas (1), white skort (1), various tops, white sandals, black sandals, black & white sandals.  I'll wear black cropped pants to travel - the show is the same day as my arrival (perhaps not the best plan, but the only day that it worked for my daughter!)  I do have to be careful NOT to sell any of my accessories during my travels or I won't have the appropriate pieces to wear during my trip!

Whatever is left AFTER my show will go into my daughter's car to be accessible during my various jaunts and visits while in MA/NH.  Perhaps I'll sell some goodies along the way to friends and family.  AND THEN.............I'm going to SHOP the floor of the Knit and Crochet Show in Manchester NH on Saturday, July 10!  With a little luck, I'll have some $$$$ to spend there, and with a little bit more luck, perhaps there will be individuals interested in seeing what's in my (daughter's) trunk!!!

So today I've been tagging and pricing everything!  And trying to decide what else to pull from my local gallery.  I don't want to denude what's might sell while I'm away, so next weekend when I'm working again, I'll carefully review what's there and what should stay there.  I am hoping all these preps will pay off.  I'm so looking forward to replaying the first Scarf It Up! Show ever!

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Pam Kellogg said...

Thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog Louise!

That's quite a suitcase full of pretties!!!! I would love to see photos of your stash!! I love yarn as much as I do beads, fabric and sequins!


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