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Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Can't Knit.....but I can FELT!!!

I'm resourceful if nothing else! And THAT has been my mantra for a VERY long time!

I am in a two-week restrictive period from knitting, doctor's orders!  I'm resting my trigger thumb after weeks of pain and knitting/crocheting right through the pain - in anticipation of holiday selling and my recent reception at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts. that most of my Christmas preparations are completed, I've been hand nuno and art-felting.  It works!!!  I can do it without involving my thumb!  And I have to say that after a cortisone shot on Tuesday and a week already that I haven't been knitting, the pain is much improved!  The thumb still triggers, but the nodule at the base and the pain of most activities has diminished considerably.  I SO want to avoid another surgical procedure.  Scares the you know what out of me.

As it is, I'm putting off the carpal tunnel surgery on the right hand for fear of a similar post-surgical complication.  The doc wants to watch it - fine!  But I'm waiting a long time, especially since it is not nearly as problematic as the left one was for many years.

Yesterday I felted.....and here are the results:

Blossoms Felted CuffBlossoms Felted Cuff
Vintage Lace Nuno Felt EmbellishedVintage Lace Nuno Felt Embellished
Nuno Felted Pin/BroochNuno Felted Pin/Brooch
Nuno Felted Halston Silk ScarfNuno Felted Halston Silk Scarf

Not bad for a thumbless knitter!

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