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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Show and the Thumb!

The Show!!!

I've not written here since before my Reception/Trunk Show at Port City Pottery & Fine Crafts this past Sunday.  It was a wonderful show - with lots of fun, friends, festivity, and more!  Sales were excellent for the day - for me AND for other artists of our co-op!  I think everyone who attended enjoyed our gallery and also got some of their holiday shopping done!  Some I know gifted themselves, and that's OKAY!!!

While I did take some photos beforehand of the displays, unfortunately once the event began I was just to busy to take additional ones.  Photos with friends might have been nice!  But here are the display photos.

PCPFC Artist of the Month Reception Displays You can see that the display has changed since first created! That means a few sales!

PCPFC Artist of the Month Reception Displays Outside the gallery doors, a table with felted bags, scarves, and cachecols, "mannie" with a mini-wrap/scarf, and a waterfall display with other goodies.

PCPFC Artist of the Month Reception Displays The "Valet" with a large shawl, a loopy, and several knitted and/or felted bags.

The THUMB!!!!

UGH!!!! Here is the latest! I visited my orthopedic surgeon yesterday to find out the issue with my trigger thumb that's developed AFTER carpal tunnel surgery! It seems to be one of the post-surgical risks - now they tell me! He explained the causes, the options, and I agreed to a cortisone shot in the most painful area. It HURT!!!! But it wasn't the excruciating pain I've heard about from others.

I slept NOT!!!!! There was/is some pain from the injection site and the thumb is still triggering! I am on TWO weeks of no knitting or crocheting, and we'll see what happens. I deliberately waited until after my show to meet with the doc, because I was afraid he'd restrict me sooner (he would have!).

I'm to see him in 6 weeks for re-evaluation. Surgery would be his only other option - so he says. I'll give it the 2 weeks' rest and hope for the best.

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