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Monday, August 03, 2009

What's UP with Scarf It Up?


Now that my recovery seems imminent..............

I am very excited to announce that my handknitted, crocheted, and felted accessories and wearable art are now or soon to be displayed and sold at the following:

1. Artshak - an eclectic multimedia gallery and framing studio in Southport, NC.

2. Artistry - a brand new art and fine craft gallery, also in Southport.

3. Ziabird - a new and very eclectic accessories boutique and art gallery/studio by stylist Lynn Manock, in Lumina Station, Eastwood Road, Wilmington.

In addition to all this, I am currently in negotiation with a high-end, upscale shoe and accessories boutique in a South Carolina seaside town. I can't name the spot yet, but I am very excited and hope that this adventure works out for all of those concerned - INCLUDING ME!!!!

I have left Sunset River Market Place in Calabash, NC after about 18 months, but my work is still available in Wilmington at the following places:

aMuse Artisanal Finery on Wrightsville Avenue.

The Recovery!

The bandage was removed this afternoon revealing a 1 and 1/2" incision extending vertically (I thought it would be horizontal!) about midway up the palm and black and blue from just below the finger line to about 2" below the wrist . There are four stitches to be removed NEXT Monday, and until then I must still keep it dry. BUT....I must also use my fingers and hand as normally as possible, so tomorrow I intend to try my hand (no pun intended) at knitting or crocheting. Wish me luck! I THINK I wish I had done this sooner, because I think/hope I'll be delighted with the results (and much more pain-free!)

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