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Saturday, August 01, 2009


For about the past 30 years (now THAT'S dating myself!), I've suffered from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), managing it well with nightly wrist splints and more recently an Aleve at bedtime. EMG studies done more than 18 months ago revealed that it was probably time to consider surgery. A recent second opinion confirmed that recommendation, and.........FINALLY.........YESTERDAY...........I had the "release" done on my left hand (the worst of the two). Typing is slow and tedious but not painful today, and since tennis and knitting/crocheting are out for a couple of weeks, I thought it would be good to update my long-overdue blog. So here I am! I have much to report but must break this down into manageable parts.

The Surgery
Nothing by mouth after midnight the night before. Show up at 9:45. I get there to find that the schedule is largely delayed, so I go home (7 minutes away, fortunately!) to get my knitting. (Got to get those last few moments of knitting in before my hiatus!) Almost 2 hours later (late), they finally take me in, have me strip and put on this one-size-fits-all HUMONGOUS gown (in RI we called them "jonnies"). I question the need to take it all off - heck, it's just my wrist!!! But alas, I can't avoid it.

The anesthesiologist comes to see me and my surgeon. They insist on giving me conscious sedation that ALWAYS knocks me UNconscious for a VERY long time. I remember going into the OR, remarking on how cold it was in there, and the next thing I know, I'm in a recovery room with a big bandage on my arm! I wake up quite readily, feel OK, drink some ginger ale. listen to some instructions, and off I go!

The Aftermath

I allowed myself to do nothing much yesterday but sleep it all off. I've taken 3 HALF pain pills and seem quite on the way to recovery. Typing is improving every minute!

Since this is my left hand (and I am right-handed!), I'm not having too much trouble doing most things for myself. The ONLY thing I can't seem to do (YET!) is put my bra on. Now this might be TMI for some people, and if so, SORRY! But my husband is amenable! I can assure you, however, that men are far more adept at REMOVING bras than putting them on!

So I just took another 1/2 pain pill, so I think I'll take a nap before doing some errands.

More later, with lots of GREAT Scarf It Up news!!!

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